— About GodSpunky Network —


Godspunky is India’s best and biggest Minecraft server where you can enjoy Oneblock, PVP, Bedwars, and Lifesteal, all for free! This is for both Pocket and Java Edition! Its founder is Spunky Insaan, who is a YouTuber who has 2.5 Lakh subscribers and he makes Minecraft videos, Godspunky was first started on 16/08/2022, and now Godspunky has become India’s biggest server. And it is in the first position in the list of servers in India. On 12/03/2023 Godspunky launched their store through which they sell ranks and other items in the server.


  • Founders – Spunky Insaan, Kingcom , BBAGOD 
  • Date of First Release – 16/08/2022
  • Region / Country – India
  • Type – Minecraft Server
  • Supported Editions – Java, Pocket, All
  • Host – Gb Nodes